Counseling For Anxiety 

Anxiety Counseling 

You feel as though you're struggling with anxiety all day everyday. From the minute you wake up, your thoughts are racing and you worry about how you're going to navigate whatever obstacles show up throughout your day. You may even find the anxiety is causing you to stress about scenarios that haven't even happened yet; leaving you feeling disconnected and not enjoying/engaging in your present moment. 

Sleep feels impossible at times for the fact that our brains have a funny way of turning on overdrive when our bodies are trying to rest. You toss and turn trying to sort out (or quiet) your thoughts in hopes of getting some sleep and feeling rested tomorrow; which in turn, can leave you feeling anxious about not being able to fall asleep. 

This is exhausting and you're fed up! You may be wondering what a life without racing thoughts and worry might be like. You may even be wondering if it's possible. Let me tell you, IT IS!

Whether this anxiety developed from a life changing event, such as grieving the loss of a loved one (visit my other grief speciality pages to learn more), or has been something you've battled for years, there is hope to get ahold of and reduce it. With my guidance, we can work through various skills/strategies to assist you with feeling relief from consistent anxiety. 

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Imagine a life in which your thoughts are no longer racing. One that allows you to freely go about your day as you're no longer worrying about what MIGHT come your way. Picture a version of you that is filled with energy from your nights of restful sleep. The same version that is present in the here and now, allowing you to feel connected and fulfilled. 


  • What might you do differently in your life with all that new found energy? 

  • With your ability to be in your present moment, what might you see in your surroundings and the world that you haven't before?

  • How might you be able to reconnect with your loved ones?

You can find answers to these questions and more through beginning your counseling journey with me. Let's work through this together and start to instill hope in you for the life described above IS possible!

Click below to schedule your FREE 20-30 minute consultation or your first counseling session with me. 

Is it possible to have never struggled with anxiety until experiencing a life changing event such as grieving the loss of a loved one?

Yes, absolutely! And this is what can be most frustrating to people. They question how it's possible or simply highlight the fact that they've never struggled mentally until they started grieving. This, often times, is the first thing we process through; learning how to address mental health battles and, in some cases, greiving the loss of a life without having a history of mental health challenges. 

If you are experiencing this, know you are not alone. Many life altering events (or life transitions) can trigger mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression (visit the depression speciality page for more information). This is a typical response and can be managed with a little help from a professional; such as yours truly! Schedule your FREE 20-30 minute consultation or your first counseling session with me below. 

I'm having a lot of physical symptoms with the anxiety. Is this normal?

This is most definitely normal! I can't tell you how many times a client has gone to the emergency room with concerns of having a heart attack, only to learn they were having a panic attack; or strong anxiety symptoms. Some of the physical (somatic) symptoms you may be experiencing include but are not limited to:

  • Shortness in breath/difficulty breathing 

  • Racing heart

  • Sweaty palms 

  • Restlessness

I am a strong believer in the mind and body being connected. When one is unhealthy, the other follows. I carry this belief in my practice through implementing various holistic healing methods (such as mindfulness and grounding), as well as referring to other professionals when necessary such as seeking medical advice for the above physical symptoms to rule out any medical diagnoses. 

Find relieve in your physical symptoms and anxiety today!

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