Grief Counseling for
Loss Through Divorce

Loss Through Divorce

If you've found yourself on this page, chances are you have, are currently, or intend to go through a divorce. You're feeling exhausted with figuring out and navigating all the logistics that come with a divorce, in addition to trying to manage the emotions that come with the process; anger, bitterness, sadness, hopelessness, etc. At times you feel lost and uncertain of what the future holds for you. You feel alone as those around you don't truly understand what you're going through and you don't want to burden them in reaching out for support. 

Reaching out for support can also feel tricky due to the lack of understanding yourself. You may find you're having a hard time describing what you're experience not only for others but for yourself as well! This makes it challenging for you to ask for what you need.


What if I were to tell you the emotions you're experiencing are a form of grief? Divorce creates an experience of loss known as ambiguous or living loss. It brings similar emotions and experiences as the death of a loved one but often times goes unnoticed/untreated due to many thinking "but no one died so I can't be greiving." Yes you can!

Your spouse may still be living but you have lost your spouse through the divorce. You are no longer living the life you were familiar with and the one you planned for. Leaving you asking the same questions as those whose spouse have died do:

  • "Now what?"

  • "Who am I without him/her/they?"

  • "What is my life going to look like without him/her/them in the picture?"

You are not alone in these thoughts and you do not have to walk this journey solo. With my guidance, you can honor your grief journey the same way one would after their loved one died. You deserve this! Begin your journey by clicking below.

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Life After Grief Counseling For A Loss
Through Divorce!

Imagine having a safe space to properly grieve the losses that come with a divorce. What would it feel like to fully understand your experience? To identify the losses your divorce has created and learn what honoring your grief journey around them looks like?

Picture finding the answers to all your questions; allowing you to rediscover who you are outside of the marriage; rewriting what your future looks like with this loss, leaving you feeling hopeful and determined to move forward. 

Envision knowing exactly what you need in order to work through this tough time and having the courage to ask for what you need, allowing you to be surrounded by a healthy support system. 

You can have this life for yourself! With my help, you can identify what your grief journey entails, begin honoring that journey, and build a healthy support system. Schedule your FREE 20-30 minute grief consultation or your first session with me by clicking below. 

How do I grieve while also handling all the logistics?

This is a very common question (regardless of the type of loss you're grieving) and a great one at that! Logistics are part of the process and is the main element that provides a distraction to the grief. Many clients will say, "I was doing fine and then all of a sudden I wasn't." That sudden change often refers to when the logistics have been addressed and are no longer present; leaving room for the grief to surface. 

You are in a spot now where you're attempting to navigate both the logistics of the divorce and the grief of the divorce. So what do we do with that? We leave room and allow for both. You shouldn't have to walk through either of these events alone and with my help you don't have to. At times, the logistics will feel overwhelming and take precedence (as we process through these, appropriate referrals will be provided as needed to assist with the logistics) and in other times, the grief will feel really heavy and will need to be the main focus. You get to decide what your process looks like, I provide the safe space and tools to honor that process.  

Begin discovering and honoring your grief journey!

I'm angry! Is it possible to also grieve?

Yes of course! Grief and loss triggers many different emotions including anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. A common misconception with grief is "I should only feel sad and miss everything about her/him/them." While yes that's the most common response to grief and loss, it's not the only one. And that's okay! Having some of the negative emotions listed above is also natural and typically comes from unresolved stuff before the loss occurred. 

In situations of grieving a loss through divorce, the negative emotions may be more relevant for you than those who are grieving a loss due to death (also known as a common loss). Not right or wrong, better or worse just different experiences. Part of honoring your grief journey (regardless of the type of loss you're greiving) involves addressing and processing through ALL the emotions that come up, even the not so desirable ones. 

Grief is complex. Don't walk it alone!