About The Grief Counseling Process

Now that you have a rough idea of what your grief counseling journey could look like with me, let's dive in a little deeper so you can get a good idea of what I mean by making meaning and establish continued bonds. 

Making Meaning

in Grief

So what do I mean by "maybe!" when talking about meaning making involving exploring the reasons why this loss could have happened? What else does meaning centered grief therapy involve? 

Let's look at meaning as an umbrella term for a wide range of different concepts: sense-making, sense of purpose, legacies left with the loss, etc. So when I say "maybe!" to the question if your meaning making journey involves exploring the reasons as to why the loss happened, I'm leaving room for you to decide and choose what your meaning making journey looks like to you. 


In meaning making, I'm also referring to what matters to you; your purposes in life. This includes the relationships/connections you make with others and the stories built through memories that come along with those bonds. When you lose those you've bonded/connected to, your meaning can be impacted as well. This can leave some feeling uncertain about one's life purpose and sense of self.

"What do I do with this uncertainty?" I guide you in reconstructing your meaning through rewriting your life stories that were changed by the loss. This will help you gain a better sense of self and the world; allowing you to be your best self following your loss.  

Continued Bonds

"Revise rather than relinquish our ties"

While I love this entire work, guiding my clients in exploring continued bonds is my absolute favorite! As I mentioned in my mission video, I love people and I love relationships! So if I have an opportunity to raise awareness around and guide others in how we can stay connected to our deceased loved ones, you better believe I'm going to do it!  

Well, how do we do this exactly? We recognize and highlight ways you've felt connected to your deceased loved one throughout your journey, as well as explore the ways that feel right for you to establish, strengthen, and maintain a connection. 

Examples include: letter writing, praying (if this fits within your religious beliefs), talking to your deceased loved one, establishing rituals, and carrying on traditions your loved one has created and one that honors your loved one. 

-Robert Neimeyer