Grief Counseling Services

Below is a list and brief description of the specific grief counseling services Best Self Therapy provides. Click on each individaul service to learn more and determine if it's right for your grief journey. 

Child Loss/Grief

Child Loss

The loss of a child can leave a parent feeling as though they've lost their whole world. Rediscover what fulfilling your role of being a parent means, as well as learn how to maintain a connection with your child. Click to learn more about child loss grief counseling.

Divorce Loss/Grief

Divorce Loss

"Can I grieve the loss of my spouse if they're still physically here?" Yes! This type of loss is known as an ambiguous/living loss and this grief journey deserves to be addressed the same way as one grieving the loss of a loved one. Click to learn what your divorce loss grief journey could look like.

Spousal Loss/Grief

Spousal Loss

"We were supposed to do this life together. I've only known myself and life with him/her/them in it. Now what?" This question is only one of the many had when grieving the loss of a spouse. Click to explore other questions that may arise and what your spousal loss grief journey may entail.

Traumatic Loss/Grief

Sudden/Traumatic Loss

A sudden or traumatic loss can really complicate a grief journey. Not only are you grieving the loss of your loved one, but you're also trying to manage and process the trauma that surfaces when doing the grief work. Despite this fact, it is possible to engage in a healthy grief journey even if trauma is present. Click to learn more about the sudden/traumatic loss grief counseling service.

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What can I expect while engaging in grief counseling with you?

Great question! It's one  I respect and applaud you for asking! I'll answer this in two ways:

  1. How I show up in your grief counseling process and,

  2. The lens/approach I use with my clients

1) Throughout the process, I create a safe and welcoming atmosphere; one that allows you to explore and live out what honoring your grief journey means for you. I meet you where you're at in your process giving you the comfort to move at a pace that feels true to you. I will challenge you when appropriate and after rapport has been built. However, you always have the right to say no if you're not ready for that challenge. 

2) In guiding you through your grief counseling journey, I strive towards helping clients find meaning following the loss as well as how to maintain a relationship with your deceased loved one. "What? That's possible?!" It sure is and you can learn more about this and meaning making here. 

Begin finding meaning and continue a relationship with your loved below!