Grief Counseling for
Sudden & Traumatic Losses

Sudden/Traumatic Loss

Up until this point, you've lived your life as normal. You've established routines that you navigated almost automatically and set goals you've planned to achieve with the support of your loved one(s).


In the midst of your normal daily functioning, your world changed drastically upon learning of the sudden passing or witnessing the traumatic loss of your loved one. You're now flooded with feelings of shock and disbelief; your body feels heavy and you're mind is racing with many questions such as:

  • Do they have the right person?

  • Could this really be true?

  • How could this happen?

  • Why did this happen?

  • Could I have done something differently?

You are not alone! These heavy questions and emotions are common in grief; many (if not all) of my clients who are grieving a sudden or traumatic loss have asked these questions at some point along their journey with me. And guess what? They were freed from these questions that at one point haunted them and left them wondering "Am I going to feel this way forever?" 

I'm here to tell you no, it will not last forever! I'm also here to let you know while grief can be an isolating and hopeless experience, it doesn't have to be! Grief journeys should never be walked alone and with my guidance you won't have to!


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Not quite sure if you're ready to embark on your grief journey? Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine what it would feel like to have understanding around the questions that initially flooded you. Picture a life in which you are fully supported and no longer feel isolated in your grief.  

Individuals who have begun walking their grief journey with me, not only achieve the above outcomes but also gain:

  • Effective coping skills

  • Meaning after the loss

  • Understanding of how to stay connected to their deceased loved one

After beginning their grief journey with me, clients feel supported, hopeful and confident in carrying out what was learned during grief counseling into their life moving forward. Are you looking to feel supported? Do you want to find hope within your grief? Now is the time!

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What if I'm not ready to do the trauma work?

Walking through grief with trauma in the picture can be a scary and difficult experience. Often times, it prevents individuals from embarking on their grief journey for the fear of having to address the trauma. Am I going to tell you "don't worry about it! You never have to address the trauma?" No! Will I tell you walking through your grief journey with me will allow YOU to decide whent he trauma is addressed? Yes! Will I offer various skills/strategies to help you cope with trauma when it is triggered? Yes! Will we talk about the risks and benefits of addressing the trauma, as well as when might be a good time to begin trauma work? Yes!

Long answer short, this is YOUR grief process and YOU get to decide what feels right for you in terms of when to address and process the trauma. I am here to guide and walk you through this scary and unknown experience.

How long will I be grieving?

Similar to the love you have for the person you've lost, grief never goes away. Wait? What? You just said this won't last forever! Let me explain! We will always grieve in some way, shape or form; that will never change. We don't put a timeline on love, so why put a timeline on grieving your deceased loved one?

What will change is how grief shows up; the frequency, the intensity, the manner in which it presents. This comes from walking through and honoring your grief journey. So when clients ask me the common question of "how long will this process take?" I answer from the standpoint of the counseling process. The answer? It depends. I know, I know! More ambiguity. 

The length of your grief counseling process will depend on the complexity of your loss, the type of loss you're grieving, when in your grief process you're coming in, and other mental health history. Regardless of what your process looks like, you will be getting the results your desire!

Begin feeling confident in your grief journey today!

Life After Grief Counseling For A Sudden/Traumatic Loss!