Grief Counseling Services &

Payment Options

Best Self Therapy only offers private pay services; insurance is not accepted. Below are the services' rates and a few different options you can set up and provide payment for services. 

Grief Counseling Services Rates

Your first session with me, your intake session, is at the rate of $130

Each 50-minute session following your intake session is at the rate of $100.

Intake Session


Individual, Couples, or Family Sessions

Grief Counseling Payment Options

You may choose to put a credit card on file with the HIPAA compliant Ivy Pay app I use. 

HSA Card

The most common form of payment is placing your HSA (Health Savings Account) card on file with my HIPAA compliant Ivy Pay app.


There is an option for me to provide you with a superbill. This is an itemized receipt that you submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  

Credit Card