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I have always thrived when provided with the opportunity to connect and establish a rapport with others. To expand on these experiences, I value the importance of nourishing established relationships. Over the years, I have learned, not only how these interactions fuel my ability to be my best self, but how connection and nourishment of relationships impacts others.This morphed into a passion for guiding others in their own journeys of establishing and nourishing relationships. 


I began my professional development as an undergrad student at UMD. I entered as a theater major and graduated as a double major in theater and psychology. I then ventured onto graduate school at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN to obtain a Masters of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. I earned my degree in August 2016, have been in practice for 4 years and am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 

"Change is possible!

     One must first desire change; 

     Success will follow!"

My Mission

Through Best Self Therapy, I strive to guide clients towards the best version of themselves; in particular, whilst in a relationship (whether that be a partnership/marriage, friendship, finding meaning in maintaining relationship with a deceased loved one, or the relationship with oneself). An essential piece to human beings is connection. Brene Brown (a vulnerability and shame researcher) identifies humans' innate need to connect to others (visit for further information). As mentioned above, my passion lies in guiding others in identifying, creating and living as their best selves in relationships. 


I achieve this mission through multiple paths. First and foremost, therapy is only successful when a safe, healthy and positive rapport is present between the therapist and client. Connection is built through genuinely engaging with my clients and meeting them where they are at mentally and emotionally. Once connection is built, it allows for the implementation of additional beneficial therapeutic interventions or a particular therapy model. I believe growth occurs when we step outside of our comfort zones. This manifests in therapy via me challenging my clients when appropriate; it's executed in a safe and effective manner. To learn more about the specialties I guide clients through (grief counseling and establishing healthy relationships), visit the                           page. 

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When I am not guiding others in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships; allowing them to live as their best selves, I am partaking in the things that allow me live life as my best self. 

Vega (pictured above; left) lives as her best self by chasing balls, swimming (combine the two and she can't stop won't stop), snuggling with mom and dad, and capturing everyone's hearts with her puppy dog eyes. 

Lyra (pictured above; right) lives as her best self by not denying her drive/love for food (particularly popcorn and peanut butter), playing with her sister, getting pets from anyone who will offer them, and sitting in the sun any chance she can.  

I have a strong love for any and all dogs but in particular, my own. My husband and I have two mini-golden retrievers and they bring an incredible amount of joy to our world. We spend our time playing with and walking them, letting them run at our family cabin, as well as snuggling them at the end of a busy day. 

In addition to attending to mental health, I also value attending to physical health. From this stems a passion for fitness. I engage in regular exercise, including instructing group fitness classes (barre, tread (interval running), and a strength training class) a few times a week. I am also likely to seek out and engage in various fitness challenges

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