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Grief can be an overwhelming, isolating, and difficult journey to walk through. It can leave you in disbelief and wondering what life will look like without your loved one in your life. 

You are feeling "tired of being tired" and need something to change. Yet you fear what "doing the grief work" means and looks like. Questions such as "Will I, or others, forget him/her/they?" and "What if I don't want to move on with my life without him/her/they?" are running through your head. You're feeling unsupported in your grief and hopeless around learning how to grow through your grief. 

Imagine a life in which you are no longer tired yet refreshed and energized. A life that allows you to continue your life while remembering and feeling connected to your deceased loved one. Picture being surrounded by healthy support and feeling hopeful about navigating the life ahead of you.

In creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, I can guide you through your grief journey allowing you to feel hopeful in the way you talk about, view, and navigate grief. To learn more or begin honoring your grief journey, click below!

Grief Counseling Services

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"To heal in grief is to integrate your grief into your self and to learn to continue your changed life with fullness and meaning."

- Alan Wolfelt

Is Grief Counseling Right For Me?

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S.O.S Situations

If you are (or have in the past) experiencing any part of what I like to call S.O.S situations, you may benefit from grief counseling:

S = Stuck

  • Feeling uncertain about the best way to move forward in your life and grief

O = Overwhelmed

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the changes the loss of a loved one brings; magnifying your grief 

S = "Is something wrong with me?" 

  • Experiences in grief can leave us feeling "crazy" and wondering if what we're going through is "normal" 

S.O.S situations are common within grief and can be lessened via beginning your grief counseling journey. Ready to embark?

Click below! 

How Will Grief Counseling Help Me?

What life with grief CAN look like...

  • Hopeful

  • Purposeful

  • Restored

Who YOU can be with grief...

  • Rediscovered

    • Imagine a life free from wondering "Who am I without him/her/they/them?"

  • Energized/well rested

    • Picture the days you're no longer "tired of being tired"

  • Motivated

    • What would it feel like to live life as your restored self while carrying your deceased loved one with you?

While​ grief will always be present in your life in some way, the heaviness grief is causing you right now does not have to be forever. Click below to start exploring what your life with grief looks like.

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What Will My Grief Counseling Entail?


Meaning Making

"You're asking me to find reasons as to why this loss happened?"

Maybe! If that's how you choose to make sense of the loss.

In meaning making, I guide you in learning how to make meaning in your life, carrying this loss with you. 

Holding Hands

Continued Bonds

"I can still have a relationship with my deceased loved one?"

Yes! It just looks different!

This is the part of your grief journey where I guide you in identifying how you can stay connected to your deceased loved one. 

How Does The Process Work?

Free Phone Consultation

If you wish, you are welcome to first engage in a phone consultation

  • FREE 20-30 minutes

  • Ask any questions about myself or the grief counseling process.  

Schedule Your Intake Session

What is an intake session?

  • A space to tell your story

  • Identify what you're hoping to work on while in grief counseling

  • Together, we will determine what your grief counseling journey will look like moving forward. 

Intake Session Fee: $175

Explore & Honor Your Grief

What happens after the intake session?Depending on what we determine is best for you, you will engage in:

  • Weekly or biweekly 50-minute sessions 

  • Making meaning of your loss

  • Establishing an ongoing relationship with your deceased loved one

50-minute Session Fee: $150

Private Pay Services

Private Pay

What does private pay mean?

  • Insurance is not accepted 


What are my payment options?


  • Charging a credit card

  • HSA card

  • Requesting a superbill.


For more information on these forms of payments, click below. 

Intake Session Fee: $175

What does the intake session cost?

  • $175 for all types of intake sessions:

    • Individaul​ grief counseling

    • Couples grief counseling

    • Family grief counseling

50-minute Sessions: $150

What do sessions after the intake cost?

  • $150 for each 50-minute session following the intake

  • Same rate for all modalities:

    • Individaul grief counseling​

    • Couples grief counseling 

    • Family grief counseling 


"Expertise and knowledge around grief"

"I have been in a networking group with Brittany for a few months and am always impressed with her expertise, her empathy, and her knowledge around grief work. I would not hesitate to send anyone who is looking for support to her."

   - Amy

"Wisdom about grief and loss"

"I have had the pleasure to hear Brittany speak at one of my education and networking meetings. Her wisdom about grief and loss, coupled with a very positive and pleasant manner, relaxed the audience and made them open and receptive to the message."

   - Nancy

"Brittany has a warm, caring presence." 

"Brittany has a warm, caring presence. She listens carefully, and her expertise on grief and loss is vital for the issues so many of us are facing today, both personally and as a larger community."

   - Barb

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