Best Self Therapy Mission

We empower and instill hope in grieving men and women to walk through and heal in their grief journeys; changing the way they view, talk about, and navigate grief moving forward.


We do this through providing counseling services allowing each client to make meaning within their grief and establish continued bonds with their deceased loved ones.

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My Story

When people learn I guide others through their grief journeys, their first response is typically, "Wow! That must be tough work." And then they ask, "Why grief work?" I love this question because it allows me to share with others the reason behind what I'm passionate about. I want to take this moment to share with you that same story. 

There are a few reasons behind why guiding others through their grief journey is what I'm meant to do. The first being, my paternal grandparents died within a month of each other back in 2012. While I had my own grief work to do, I was impacted more by watching my dad grieve. I didn't know what to say or do so I just sat and was present with him (which I learned later is typically what most people are looking for from their support system); I felt so helpless. This started my passion for creating a space for others to properly grieve, as well as educate those who are supporting a loved one who's grieving on how to provide healthy support. 

My second, and what I believe is the most powerful reason is my love for relationships. I strive on creating and maintaining meaningful and healthy relationships. So when I hear those who are greiving communicate that now that their loved one is gone, they can no longer have a relationship with him/her/them, it absolutely breaks my heart. In addition to helping others live life while carrying this loss with them, the other piece of my passion involves helping them discover what maintaining a relationship with their deceased loved one looks like. 

With my passion, education, years of experience and multiple trainings, I have the ability to guide you through discovering and honoring your grief journey. 

My Background

While passion is powerful, it's not the only thing that qualifies me to sit with and guide you through this difficult time. I obtained my Masters of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Saint Mary's University in 2016 and I've been practicing post graduate for 5 years. In that time, I became a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and opened my own practice allowing me to hone in on my passion for walking with others through their grief journeys. 

I am a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) and Minnesota Coalition for Death Education and Support (MCDES). Both provide me with a wide variety of trainings to stay on top of and continue to grow my knowledge in grief, allowing me to continue showing up as my best self as a therapist for my clients. This growth journey not only allows me to continue providing excellent care but will also result in achieving a fellowship status in the Thanatology field.  

Brittany Outside of Counseling

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While guiding others through their grief journey is a big part of who I am, it's not all of who I am. There are many other pieces that make me whole and allow me to live my life as my best self. A big on being, my love and passion for fitness. When I'm not guiding clients through their grief journeys, I'm guiding others through their fitness journey through personal training. I strongly believe in health for both mind and body; being a personal trainer in addition to a grief counselor allows me to tap into both realms. 

As previously mentioned, I've obtained my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy but it didn't start there. Nope! I actually started out my college career as a theater major. And even though I added a psych degree and have a different career, I do still have a passion for performing. In the winter months, (since I don't do well with the cold and snow), you can find me on stage acting my little heart out with various community theaters. 

Other pieces that are important to me and contribute to me being my best self are: explore the world through travel with my husband and loving up on our two furry children; aka our mini golden retrievers, Vega & Lyra. 

Why Work With Me?

Navigating grief on its own is difficult enough. And when you throw finding the right therapist to guide you through the process on top it can feel extremely overwhelming. Many people on the hunt for a therapist find themselves asking, "How do I know if they're the right fit?" or "How do I know what to look for?" Both valid questions and can be what keeps people from embarking on their grief journey. So let me share with you why you'd benefit working with me.

As I mentioned before, I strongly value and believe in the mind body connection. When one is off, the other follows. So why would we only attend to one and not both? I hold true to this value in my work through taking a holistic approach; addressing both the mental and physical impacts grief can create. How do I do this? I incorporate different mindfulness techniques (encouraging you to ground yourself in your body), engage in sessions walking outside on nice days, and refer to other professionals with complimentary services to your grief counseling journey (check out the complimentary grief resources blog to learn more!). 

"What if I'm not quite comfortable doing an in person session?" Not to worry! I offer a hybrid model, giving clients the option to engage in Telehealth (virtual) sessions or in person sessions. 

"Okay, so what if I change my mind later on down the road in my work with you and want to switch to in person?" My door is always open! I will gladly welcome you into my office to continue your grief journey. 

Other elements that may show up in our sessions together are: humor (when appropriate), questions that will safely challenge you and encourage growth, and space for you to choose what you share and explore in sessions. I tell my clients, I am the map, you are the driver. I provide you with a variety of routes/paths for me to guide you down, you get to choose which ones honor your grief journey. 

Next Steps To Begin Honoring Your Grief Journey!

Grief is hard. Grief is complex. Grief is lonely. Don't wait any longer to begin your grief journey! Let's walk this journey together so the difficulty level, complexity, and loneliness can reduce; getting you to a spot in your grief that doesn't feel so heavy. Are you ready to honor your grief journey and live life while carrying this loss with you? Click below to schedule your FREE 20-30 minute consultation or your first grief counseling session with me.   

Grief and loss is an inevitable part of life but it doesn't make the process any easier. Grief can leave you feeling heavy, overwhelmed, and exhausted. You find yourself just going through the motions of your day and feeling uncertain about what your future holds. You're feeling lost and unsure of who you are without this person in your life. You may be resisting the idea of accepting and exploring your grief for the fear of it resulting in forgetting about your loved and moving on without him/her/them. 

You are not alone in these feelings and you don't have to be alone in this process. Imagine a life in which you no longer lack direction but rather have a clear vision of who you are and how to continue life while carrying this loss with you; staying connected to your loved one.