Meet Brittany

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

and Grief Counselor

Now that you know how I found my passion for guiding others in their grief journies, I'd love to tell you more about myself as a clinician and an individual.  

I began my schooling at the University of Minnesota Duluth for theater! "What?" Yep! While I loved it, I couldn't deny my passion for helping others so I added my psychology degree halfway through my sophomore year. Long story short, I double majored and after completing my undergraduate degrees I found myself at Saint Mary's University to obtain my Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. I've been practicing post-graduate for 5 years and currently working towards my certification in Thanatology. 

"So you guide others in living as their best selves. Do you live life as your best self?" I certainly try to!

I do this through a couple of different avenues: loving up on my furry children (aka my dogs); Vega and Lyra, attending to my physical health through my own exercise regimen as well as instructing fitness classes and personal training a few times per week, traveling with my husband any chance we get, getting outdoors whether that be on the lake or heading up to our family cabin, and I even tap into that performance side of myself through doing a few community theater productions throughout the year.