My Approach to
Grief Counseling

Meaning Making in
Grief Counseling

Now that you know the types of grief and loss I guide clients through, you may be curious about HOW I walk clients through their journeys. I strive to guide each client in their grief through finding meaning after the loss and maintaining bonds with their deceased loved one(s). Let's break each of these down to give you a good idea of what your grief counseling process could look like. 

When talking about meaning making, I look at this approach to grief counseling as an umbrella term for a wide range of different concepts:

  • A process to explore those unanswered questions that come with a loss ("Why now?"; "Why this way?", etc.)

  • A process to help you rediscover your purpose 

  • A process to help you determine which legacy of your deceased loved one's you'd like to carry on

This approach really gives you the power to decide and choose how the work of meaning making helps your counseling process; encouraging you to honor your grief journey. 

Also within meaning making, I'm referring to what matters to you; your purposes in life. This includes the relationships/connections (i.e. bonds) you make with others and the stories built through memories that come along with those bonds. When you lose those you've bonded/connected to, your meaning can be impacted as well. This can leave you feeling uncertain about your life purpose and sense of self.


"What do I do with this uncertainty?" In our time working together, I will guide you in reconstructing your meaning through rewriting your life stories that were changed by the loss. This will help you gain a better sense of self and the world; allowing you to be your best self while carrying this loss with you. 


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Continued Bonds in Grief Counseling

While I love this entire work, guiding my clients in exploring continued bonds is my absolute favorite. I love people and I love relationships, so if I have an opportunity to raise awareness around and guide others in how to stay connected to their deceased loved ones, you better believe I'm going to do it!

Let's first talk about what I mean by continued bonds. This simply means exploring and implementing ways for you to feel like you're still connected with your loved one. Death ends a life, not a relationship.


You may be thinking, "well this sounds great but how do I do this exactly?" In our time together, I will guide you in recognizing and highlighting the ways you've felt connected to your deceased love one throughout your journey. Often times clients will describe these experiences as having "felt their presence"! This process also involves exploring ways that feel right for you to establish, strengthen, and maintain a connection. Examples include:

  • Letter writing 

  • Praying (if this fits within your religious beliefs)

  • Talking to your deceased loved one/visiting their grave site or wherever their ashes are

  • Establishing rituals 

  • Carrying on traditions your loved one has created and ones that honor your loved one

Regardless of what helps you feel connected, establishing continued bonds are a huge stepping stone in growing around your grief and learning how to continue life while carrying your loved one with you. 

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I haven't had an experience of feeling connected to my loved one since their passing. Is this normal?

This can be a very common experience, yes! While it doesn't feel great, know you are not alone. There are many different things that can interfere with our ability to feel connected with our loved one after they've passed. The most common being needing to process through unresolved issues; whether that's within your own grief journey or with the person you lost. 

"Okay, but what if I don't have unresolved issues and I'm still not feeling their presence?" In these situations, chances are you haven't quite found a way that is true to you to establish those continued bonds. It should be noted not everyone will describe feeling connected to their loved one as "feeling their presence". Everyone's experience is unique. 

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