Grief Counseling for 
Child Loss

Grief Counseling for
Child Loss

If you are on this page, you are living a reality no parent would ever dream or hope to live. The reality of having lost, and now grieving, a child. You are feeling like your whole world has been taken from you; leaving you with a gaping hole in your life that can never be filled. You feel like you're moving about your days without purpose due to not being able to fulfill the role of being a parent everyday. You even find yourself wondering most days, "Am I still considered a parent?"

You're tired of hearing those around you trying to relieve the hurt through well-intentioned comments such as "you now have more time to focus on yourself" or "at least you have your other kid(s) to take care of." You're frustrated with attempting to navigate your own grief process while remaining mindful and being respectful of other family members' processes as well. 

I hear you! A parent should never have to know what it's like or learn how to grieve a child. And there can be a lot of anger around that thought in general. Many clients have communicated to me "I shouldn't be doing this! I should haven't to learn how to grieve him/her/they!" This experience feels unfair and all you want is your child back!

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Discover a new connection with your child!

Rediscover your purpose in fulfilling your role as a parent!

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Life After
Grief Counseling
For Child Loss

Envision a world in which you've created a strong connection with you child, allowing you to continue living your life with your child's presence. Imagine rediscovering, redefining, and fulfilling your role as a parent. What void might that fill in your current day-to-day? Picture having gained skills to prevent others' contradictory grief journeys from interfering with your process. 

I am here to guide you through your grief process, allowing you to achieve these outcomes. In the years I've worked with other parents battling this same loss, many have left feeling fulfilled, purposeful, and connected to their child.


This is a devastating experience and doesn't have to be managed alone! Let's walk this journey together! Click below to begin honoring your grief journey. 

I really don't want to move on without my child! What do you do with that?

Of course you don't! You were meant to live life with your child. So let's sit with that. Let's talk about what "moving on" without your child means to you. Let's explore the fears (if any) that are attached to this idea. Let's identify the beliefs connected to this concept. I meet you where you're at in your grief journey! Never will you be expected or asked to navigate your grief in a way that does not honor your process. Begin recognizing and honoring your grief journey below with either your FREE 20-30 minute consultation or scheduling your first session with me. 

My partner and I are not doing well since losing our child. How do I deal with this while grieving?

This is a common experience with couples that are both grieving the loss of their child. It tests the relationship while also challenges each other's individaul approach to grief. It can leave you feeling frustrated and wondering "are we going to make it through this?" Which, in turn, leaves you fearful that you may also be losing your partner. Another thing I have to grieve?

There is hope! I do offer grief counseling as a couple. This allows me to not only sit with you as a couple, but also meet with each of you individually to learn more about your individaul grief processes. We then talk about how those differ and what we can implement in the couple unit to allow each of you to grieve in the way that's needed while offering support to your partner. We may find there is a shared way in which you both grieve, which is a beautiful thing to explore throughout your grief journey.  

Remove that fear of possibly having to grieve your marriage/relationship while also grieving your child. Gain skills and tools to allow you both to effectively navigate this loss. Click below to begin honoring your grief journey via a FREE 20-30 minute consultation or scheduling your first session with me.